After the cooperation deal to deploy the Long Tan Tourism Urban project, Dong Nai province, recently, Him Lam Joint Stock Company has officially become a major shareholder at Construction Investment Development Corporation (DIC group, DIG code).

"Clear the way" for deeper cooperation?

Shares of DIC recently attracted special attention of securities investors by information related to trading as well as stock price fluctuations.

At the beginning of Dec 2020, this stock was put through transactions with sudden volume, up to 42.5% of outstanding shares. After this activity, DIC's shareholder structure has changed. Specifically, Thien Tan Investment and Development Joint Stock Company bought 47 million shares, increasing the ownership rate from 3.27% to 18.09%; Him Lam Real Estate Joint Stock Company bought more than 67 million shares, owning 21.49%.

On the other hand, Ban Viet Securities Joint Stock Company has sold more than 29 million shares and the group of foreign investors related to DC Fund sold more than 67 million DIG shares.

With the new status in the large shareholder structure of DIC, Him Lam is seeming to acquiring this business.

DIC will cooperate with a subsidiary appointed by Him Lam Joint Stock Company to invest in North Vung Tau New Urban project.

Before becoming a major shareholder, Him Lam used to cooperate with DIC to deploy Long Tan Tourism Urban project at Dong Nai province. Becoming a shareholder of DIC Corp is expected to help Him Lam gain more favorable in implementing future projects.

Not only buying shares, recently, Him Lam has acquired a number of projects of DIC.

Referring to the questions of the market about whether the new developments in the shareholder structure related to acquisition activities, DIC's CEO Hoang Van Tang said, there are many real estate enterprises wants to become a strategic partner in project development of the DIC. However, DIC researched and found Him Lam as one of the large and prestigious real estate enterprises today. The cooperation with Him Lam will create conditions for the two sides to optimize their advantages and develop strategic projects of DIC faster and stronger.

In fact, Him Lam's ownership ratio is not enough to control DIC's operations.

Also according to Mr. Tang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DIC Mr. Nguyen Thien Tuan also registered to buy 10 million shares, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Nguyen Hung Cuong registered to buy 18 million shares from Nov 27th 2020 to Dec 26th 2020. If the purchase is successful, the total number of shares of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors will increase to about 18% of the total charter capital.

"With this change, it can be seen that the major shareholders of DIG are increasing their ownership ratio and the major shareholder structure is being restructured in a leaner direction," said Mr. Tang.

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