On April 19th 2019, DIC Group has just been ranked by Vietnam Report (VNR) with 216/500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam in 2019 and “top 20 Real Estate Enterprises with the fastest growth in Vietnam in 2019”.


Panorama of FAST 500 announcement ceremony in 2019

The "sweet fruit" of the right business strategy

FAST500 - Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam is a chart organized by VNR and Vietnamnet Newspaper. Accordingly, FAST500 ranking is based on the independent research and evaluation results of VNR for enterprises having double growth criteria (CAGR) on revenue and business efficiency.

Along with that, the criteria such as total assets, total labor, profitability indicators (ROA, ROE etc), profit after tax and corporate reputation on the media also contributed to determining the size and position of the business in its industry.

According to Mr. Vu Dang Vinh - General Director of VNR: “Through 9 years of continuous announcement, the chart marked the relentless efforts of FAST500 business - enterprises are likened to" rising stars ", with their role are the driving forces of growth of the whole Vietnamese economy ”.

According to the newly announced 2019 FAST500 chart, DIC Group ranked 216/500 enterprises of all types (Including the State, FDI and private sectors). Considering in the real estate sector, DIC group holds the ranking of 19/35.

Mr. Tran Minh Phu - General Director of DIC Group received the honor of being among the top fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam in 2019.

Specifically, only the parent company - DIC Corp, in 2018, total revenue reached VND 2,149.4 billion, up 102.8% compared to 2017; profit before tax reached VND 359 billion, 123% increase compared to 2017; total development investment capital reached VND 1,570 billion, 13.2% increase compared to 2017.

This is the first time DIC Group - an enterprise that has just divested state capital to become a private economic group with rapid economic growth. Keeping a high ranking in the FAST500 chart is the result of proper investment process and business strategy of DIC Group.

2019: Focus on branding and developing tourism – resort real estate.

According to VNR, with investment and real estate enterprises, when the market is forecasted to be "light" growth, it is necessary to focus on branding and reputation instead of investing to expand market share. According to the recent survey of real estate customers of VNR, more than 90% of customers said that "investor’s prestige" is the most influential factor in their decision to buy houses.

Along with that, resort – tourism real estate is also one of the mainstream trends in 2019. According to experts, this type of property still has potentials to break out in the coming time. In fact, the development of high-class resorts, entertainment services, relaxation, shopping etc is not really compatible with Vietnam's tourism potential. So investors can continue to research and develop models of shophouse, condotel etc in a modern and more friendly way with customers.

According to the latest report of BCG, in 2017, Vietnam collected USD 8.3 billion from international visitors, USD 12.6 billion lower than Indonesia; while Singapore is USD 18.4 billion and Thailand is USD 52.5 billion. The reason is not because the number of tourists entering Vietnam is less than other countries but because tourists have less chance to spend money in Vietnam.

Understanding this trend, DIC Group will take tourism - resort real estate as a key area in the development strategy. Expected growth rate of this sector accounts for about 40-50% of the total value of business development. Currently DIC Group is rushing to carry out research work, prepare investment projects of resorts, condotels, high standard hotels attached to international brands in the area of ​​key tourism development at Vung Tau City, Phu Quoc, Con Dao etc.

In addition, DIC Group has focused on developing basic projects to complete legal procedures, connecting convenient transport infrastructure, focusing on the project team with good liquidity and calling for investors such as: Nam Vinh Yen new urban area (Vinh Phuc province); some projects in Ba Ria - Vung Tau such as: component projects of Chi Linh Central area; Cap Saint Jacques complex; Bac Vung Tau new urban area; in Dong Nai such as Long Tan Tourism Urban Area ...

Earlier, at the end of Nov 2018, DIC Group was named at the ceremony to announce the 500 Best Profit Enterprises in Vietnam in 2018 - Profit 500 Chart announced by Vietnam Report. These are pioneering businesses having potentials to become pillars for Vietnam's economy. Maintaining a sustainable development speed and affirming prestige with high quality real estate products - these efforts of DIC Group will continue to be recognized and honored with many Vietnamese and international awards.

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